Potential Sources Of Water Damage To Your Building

Potential Sources Of Water Damage To Your Building

4 March 2022
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Water damage occurring to your building can put you in a position where you are needing to quickly respond to these damages so that the appropriate repairs can be completed as soon as possible. While water damage is a major threat, there are many ways that this type of damage could occur.

Damage From Natural Flooding

Natural flooding is one of the more prevalent sources of widespread water damage to a building. Flash flooding can easily rise high enough to enter through the doors of many buildings, which can cause large sections of the interior to become water damaged. Depending on the amount of water that entered the building, a person may attempt to handle this cleanup on their own. Yet, this may not always be advisable as it could be possible for the moisture to have seeped into the floors or other areas where more extensive damage could have occurred.

Pipe Ruptures 

Plumbing failures can be another source of substantial water damage. In addition to causing widespread damage that can be difficult to fully restore, this source of water damage can also create potentially unsafe conditions. For example, if the water came from a sewer line, there could be large amounts of hazardous bacteria in the water and left behind. Ideally, individuals may want to have the plumbing repairs and the water damage restoration work done at the same time. It is imperative to have the water damage restoration work done as quickly as possible due to the fact that providing the water with longer to soak into surfaces can greatly increase the damage that it causes.

Leaks In The Roof

A large leak in the roof of the building can be another source of extensive interior water damage that will have to be quickly addressed. If you are present when these leaks start to form, attempts should be made to collect the water leaking into the building in a bucket, pan, or another container. In cases where the leaking is fairly localized, this step can drastically reduce the amount of damage that can occur.

Water Intrusion In The Basement

The basement is another area that can be prone to water damage. More precisely, it can be possible for moisture to seep into this area through small cracks and pores in the concrete that was used to build it. In addition to potentially causing structural damage, this moisture intrusion could also contribute to the growth of large mold colonies that may spread through the entire building.

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