Why Should You Have Your Foundation Repaired?

Why Should You Have Your Foundation Repaired?

8 March 2022
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Your home sits on a foundation, which is the main concrete block the property sits on. Without a foundation, your home would just slowly sink into the earth and shift as the earth does. Even with a foundation, your home is shifting all the time, likely in ways you don't even notice but are there all the same.

Your home's foundation may need repair, which will be evident by noticeably sinking parts in the front or back, uneven rooms, or cracks in the walls or ceilings. Whether you have just purchased your home and noticed the leaning foundation and have concerns or you've lived in your home for a long time and the foundation issues don't even bother you, you should give your foundation contractor a call. Here's why.

Your foundation will continue to sink

A foundation will not correct itself and will just worsen with time as the earth shifts and the foundation loses stability. Your home's foundation will continue to sink and any additions you make to your home that put strain on the foundation itself—such as putting in a second story or doing a large side addition—will only make things worse. You need to call your foundation contractor to see what can be done about lifting your home's foundation to give it more support before a full foundation restoration needs to be done.

Your foundation can lead to expensive problems

The longer you wait to call a foundation contractor to repair your foundation, the more it will cost you to have the repairs done. Cracked beams and other foundation work will need to be replaced, and the weaker the foundation gets, the more the rest of the home will be affected. Think about this as well: if you have a basement, foundation repair is a necessity that can lead to more space in your home. Ask your foundation contractor about doing a lift in your foundation in addition to a classic foundation repair so you can add more height to a basement or crawlspace even as you renovate and reinforce these areas.

Your home's foundation is what makes your home stand strong. Just like you'd repair a failing roof to protect your home from above, you need to have foundation repair done to protect your home from below. Your foundation contractor can give you a quote for their services so you can budget for your repair work accordingly.

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