Potential Roof Repairs Your Home May Have To Undergo

Potential Roof Repairs Your Home May Have To Undergo

9 March 2022
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When your roof needs repairs, it is vital for a homeowner to avoid delaying undertaking this work. Otherwise, they could find that the damages to their home will be far more severe than what was expected.

Rotting Shingles Or Supports

Rot is one of the more serious problems that your roof can suffer. When the shingles or supports start to rot, the protection that the roof is providing will be severely degraded. This can increase the chances that water damage or other issues are able to occur. Depending on the scale of the damage to the shingles, it is often possible to repair this by simply replacing the damaged shingles. However, rot to the supports of the roof can be far more serious, and will often involve either a total or partial roof replacement to correct.

Ice Damage

Ice can be a threat to the roof that people will often dramatically underestimate. However, it is possible for ice to damage the roof in a number of ways. One of the most obvious is the weight of the ice potentially collapsing sections of the roof. However, large ice deposits on the roof can also expose the roofing materials to substantial amounts of water for long periods of time. Ice dams are a common issue during the winter months, and they can often form as a result of heat escaping through the roof. This can lead to portions of the ice on the roof melting until it gets far enough away from the heat to freeze. Over time, this can contribute to very large and damaging ice dams forming on the roof, and they can be difficult to break up or remove. If your roof is regularly developing ice dams, having a professional repair service inspect it for gaps or other areas where hot air can escape from the home can potentially correct these problems.

Leaks Around Skylights

There are many homes that will use skylights to provide a natural source of light to the interior. While skylights are normally fairly dependable features, they can develop leaks that may need to be repaired. Unfortunately, it is possible for these leaks to damage portions of the roof by rotting them. Due to this potential issue, any skylight leaks should be inspected by a roofing contractor to help determine whether the surrounding roof was compromised as a result of the leaks. 

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