2 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Regular Maintenance Service For Your Truck Trailer

2 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Regular Maintenance Service For Your Truck Trailer

24 March 2022
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If you have recently started a business that requires the use of a truck trailer, you may already know that you have to perform daily and weekly checks to ensure that it is safe for your driver to take out on the road. You may also have a plan in place to repair any issues as soon as they come up. However, along with the safety checks and intent to fix problems when they occur, you should seriously consider being proactive and taking the trailer in on a regular basis for maintenance. There are a couple of reasons why you schedule routine maintenance service for your truck trailer.

1.  Ensures the Trailer's Tires and Suspension Stay in Good Condition

One reason why it is important to take the trailer in for routine maintenance is that it helps to ensure that the tires, wheels, and suspension stay in good condition. Especially if the trailer will get a lot of use, the tires will wear down, the bearings in the wheels can become dry, and the suspension can be damaged. During the service call, the technician will check to see if the tires need to be rotated or replaced, as well as lube and grease the bearings and suspension. They will also check the suspension for heat cracks or other types of damage that will need to be fixed to ensure the trailer is roadworthy.

2.  Keeps the Trailer Legal by Making Sure All of the Lights Are Working Properly

Another reason why your truck trailer should have regular maintenance is that doing so keeps the trailer legal by ensuring that all of the lights are working properly. Not only does a dim or nonworking light make it more dangerous for your driver, but it can also result in a traffic ticket. When maintenance is performed, the technician will check to make sure that none of the lights are burnt out. They will also check the wiring to see if any damage is present so that it can be changed if needed.

By having regular maintenance service performed on your truck trailer, the tires, wheels, and suspension are kept in good condition to ensure that they are roadworthy. It also helps you make sure that all lights are working on the trailer to keep the driver from being pulled over and getting a traffic ticket. If you have any questions about what tasks will be performed during each visit or are ready to make an appointment, call a truck trailer maintenance service, like 24/7 Repair Services.

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