Repairing Your Home's Fire Damage

Repairing Your Home's Fire Damage

28 March 2022
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Unfortunately, some homeowners will experience a small fire in their houses at some point. Often, this can be the result of mistakes made when cooking, but it can also be due to electrical problems, appliance failures, or even simple accidents. While these small fires may be quickly extinguished, they may still require professional fire damage repair services to correct.

Even Small Fires Can Cause Widespread Damage To The Home's Interior

Individuals often assume that the damage from a small fire will be very limited. However, it can be possible for an isolated fire to cause relatively widespread damage to the home's interior. This is possible due to the large amount of smoke that the fire may produce. This can lead to residue and soot being spread throughout areas of the home that are otherwise far from where the fire occurred. This is particularly problematic if the fire occurs near vents for the HVAC ducting as it may be able to travel through this ducting.

The Residue Created By The Fire Can Potentially Be Toxic

Unfortunately, it is a common situation for homeowners to fail to appreciate the potential hazard of not handling the residue or soot that the fire created. For example, it can be possible for these substances to contain toxic chemicals. If a person is not appreciating this risk, they could be far more vulnerable to accidental exposure to these toxic chemicals. To avoid this risk, it is best to hire professional fire damage repair and cleanup services as they will have the equipment to safely remove these substances without coming into direct contact with them. During this phase of the repair and restoration work, you may want to plan to vacate your house as some of this residue could become airborne while it is being cleaned up, and you will want to avoid inhaling these substances.

Water Damage Cleanup Is Often A Part Of Fire Damage Repairs

In addition to repairing the damage that the fire directly caused, it is also common for there to be a need for water damage repairs to be done. This is especially common for structures that have fire sprinkler systems installed. These sprinklers will likely cover the entire interior space with large amounts of water, and while this can quickly extinguish the flames that may have started, it can require considerable water damage cleanup work. Fortunately, many fire damage repair services can also offer water damage restoration services. 

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