Structural Drying: Can It Save Your Office Furnishings And Floors?

Structural Drying: Can It Save Your Office Furnishings And Floors?

29 March 2022
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If a recent plumbing pipe leaked in your office and soaked through your furnishings and floors, asks a repair and restoration company about structural drying. Repair and restoration contractors can use structural drying to save the water-damaged items in your office. Learn more about structural drying and how it can save the water-damaged items in your office below.

What's Structural Drying and How Important Is It? 

Structural drying is an advanced process used to save waterlogged materials from permanent loss or destruction, including fabrics and carpets. The structural drying process requires contractors to isolate, dry, air out, and restore items saturated with large amounts of water in the least time possible.

The isolation phase of the structural drying process is one of the most critical phases for you right now. Items saturated with water tend to attract various types of mold and mildew. Within 24 to 48 hours after your plumbing leak, the spores of mold and mildew could spread throughout your entire office building. To prevent the uncontrollable spread of fungi in your building, you need to isolate your damp furnishings and floors from the rest of your belongings immediately.

The next steps in the structural drying process are critical as well. Contractors must dry and air out your wet furnishings and floors properly in order to save them. Contractors generally use the most advanced fans or machines made today to dry out waterlogged materials. After they dry and air out the items in your office, contractors will restore or mitigate them for you.

Now that you know more about the structural drying process and why it's important, schedule your commercial repair and restoration appointment today.

How Can You Obtain Immediate Services for Your Office?

You want to contact a repair and restoration company as soon as possible. A company will come out to your office building and evaluate your situation. The evaluation can help determine the type of structural drying machines you need to dry out and save your items.

If your plumbing leak is damaged or saturated multiple rooms in your office building, a water damage repair company will use multiple machines to dry out your items. The machines can help prevent the need to dry out each space individually.

If your plumbing leak only saturated one space in your office building, a company may take less extensive measures to dry out your materials. A company may only use one or two machines to do the job for you. A restoration company will go over everything you need to know about your services after they visit your office.

Learn more about structural drying and why you need it by contacting a commercial water damage restoration company today.

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