3 Circumstances When You Should Schedule Reefer Repair Services

3 Circumstances When You Should Schedule Reefer Repair Services

2 May 2022
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If you own a business that relies on refrigerated or frozen foods and beverages, then it's essential to keep your refrigerated trucks in good condition all the time. Your truck's refrigeration system is an investment and when it breaks down, it can lead to the loss of thousands of dollars in food. To keep your fleet running reliably, it's important to ensure it's regularly maintained and that minor repairs are fixed as soon as possible. You should schedule repair services if your truck's refrigeration unit turns on but doesn't get cool or makes strange noises. A reefer repair technician will know how to properly diagnose the problem and ensure it's fixed. This guide analyzes in detail three circumstances when you should schedule reefer repair services.

Reefer Truck Refrigeration Unit Turns On But Does Not Get Cool

If your truck's refrigeration unit turns on and doesn't get cold, this is something you should never ignore. One of the most important functions of your refrigeration unit is keeping your cargo at a safe temperature. Therefore, if your reefer truck refrigeration unit does not get cool, you could end up with spoiled goods. This can lead to financial loss and health problems for your customers. A mechanic who specializes in reefer repair services can inspect your unit and ensure that all parts are working correctly.

Strange Noises

If your reefer makes strange sounds when it's running, it could be due to a problem with the engine. In some cases, this might simply be the result of debris getting caught in the engine, but it could also be a sign that there is something wrong with your engine or its components. A clicking noise may indicate a problem with the compressor, while squealing noises may indicate a problem with the fan belt or bearings. It's important to get the problem inspected as soon as possible before it becomes a major or costly issue to fix. A professional mechanic has the right tools to test your reefer and knows where to look and how to fix the problem.

Reefer Doesn't Turn On

If you've noticed that your reefer isn't turning on, this is definitely a sign that you need to schedule reefer repair services. The problem could be caused by something as simple as a blown fuse or as complicated as an electrical system malfunction. Either way, it's important to get the help of a professional right away.

Repairing minor reefer problems in good time can save you from expensive losses caused by food spoilage or future costly repairs. If you notice the above problems or if your unit is not functioning as efficiently as it should, you should contact a repair company—such as DFW Reefer Repair—to diagnose the cause of the problem and fix it. Contact a reliable reefer repair technician today to schedule repair services.

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