Summer-Time Siding Project? What You Need To Know About Home Exterior Upgrades

Summer-Time Siding Project? What You Need To Know About Home Exterior Upgrades

27 May 2022
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Does your home need new siding? You're ready to start the summer home improvement season. But you're not sure if it's time for an exterior upgrade. Before you select summer-time projects, take a look at what you need to know about siding panel installation and your options. 

How Long Does Siding Last?

More specifically, is your home's exterior too old? While age isn't always the final deciding factor, it can predict when an exterior material is ready for a replacement. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), aluminum siding has a 25 to 40 (or more) year lifespan and vinyl products can last for 60 years. 

Even though these are lifetime averages for aluminum and vinyl products, the initial quality of the materials, the installation, and maintenance/care can impact your home's exterior. If your home's exterior has clear signs of wear, damage, or other similar issues that affect its appearance or ability to protect everything under it, it's likely that you will need to replace the material. 

Which Type of Material Is the Best Option?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors. These include your home's existing exterior, the home improvement project budget, and your personal preferences.

Aluminum and vinyl are two of the most common materials used for home exterior projects. But these aren't your only options. Steel, fiber cement, and wood products are also available. Aluminum and vinyl are affordable, easy to install on most homes, and durable. Both options come in a variety of prefinished colors and are easy to clean or maintain.

Like aluminum, steel is a metal product that comes in different color or finish options. It is also durable and easy to care for. Fiber cement products have a wood-like finish and are also available in different hues (or you can paint the material to match your home's exterior accents). This option is less affordable than steel or vinyl products—but is extremely durable and long-lasting. 

Wood planks or boards have a classic style that can increase your home's curb appeal. These products are often expensive and require regular maintenance. Failure to properly care for a wood home exterior can result in damage such as rot, warping, splintering, or fading. 

Who Should Install Home Siding?

House siding installation is not a DIY job. Improper installation can result in leaks, home damage, or aesthetic issues that can significantly impact your home's curb appeal. If new siding is at the top of your summer home improvement list, contact an experienced contractor. 

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