3 Signs You Need Urgent Foundation Repair Services

3 Signs You Need Urgent Foundation Repair Services

7 February 2023
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Routine home maintenance and repair will save you from accidents, injuries, and costly repairs. That is why you should occasionally check the condition of your house, from the ceiling, walls, windows, and doors down to the foundation. If you notice these three issues during the inspection, then consider seeking foundation repairs immediately.

1. Wall Cracks

Issues such as soil movement, poor drainage, vibration, or seismic activities could cause your foundation to shift. As a result, it will cause the exterior part of the wall to crack. So, if you notice vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or step-pattern cracks on your walls, the chances are that you have a foundation problem. Ignoring this issue will affect the structural integrity of your home and lead to more complex issues down the line. 

2. Sticky Doors

Doors should open and close effortlessly, so if you have difficulty operating your door, the foundation is damaged, and the door no longer fits the frame. This might seem like a door issue, and you can be tempted to call a door repair expert. However, your door may be sticking due to frost heave. Generally, the soil around your house foundation or deck is filled with snow that freezes and thaws as the temperature changes. As it freezes and melts, the snow lifts the foundation up and down, affecting how the door functions. In turn, the door sticks whenever you want to use it.

3. Sagging Floor

When was the last time you checked the condition of your floor? Many people don't pay attention to the condition of their floors, yet the floor carries their entire house. That is why it is important to check your floors as you inspect the rest of the house. If you notice that the floor is dipping or bowing, the chances are that your house foundation is damaged and has affected the floor. Unfortunately, the issue will get worse if not fixed. In addition, uneven floors can be dangerous for those living with kids or people who have mobility issues. 

One of the concerns homeowners have when dealing with foundation damage is the repair project cost. That is why they choose to postpone it as much as possible. However, when dealing with foundation damage, you should understand that the longer you wait, the more it will cost you to fix. In addition, you will be compromising your home's safety. That is why you should hire a foundation contractor as soon as you notice these issues for timely intervention.

Contact a foundation repair contractor for more information. 

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