Comforts And Benefits You'll Enjoy With A New Furnace

Comforts And Benefits You'll Enjoy With A New Furnace

24 February 2023
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Are you toying with the idea of getting a new furnace, even though your new one is still working? On one hand, it might seem silly to buy a new one before your current one breaks down. But on the other hand, new furnaces are nice to live with. Here are a few comforts and benefits you'll enjoy with a new furnace.  

Improved Energy Efficiency

Furnaces are made to be more efficient today than they were years ago. But furnaces also tend to lose efficiency as they age. The amount of energy your current furnace uses has probably crept up slowly over time. Upgrade to a new furnace, and you may be surprised how quickly and dramatically your energy bills plummet. In addition to paying less for energy, it can be nice to know you're not wasting the limited resources used to produce energy for heating.

Quieter Operation

Furnace fans are made to be so quiet these days. You may not even notice your new furnace is operating. This can be nice since the furnace is less likely to wake you when it kicks on at night. If you have a young child or baby at home, you'll enjoy the quieter operation even more as it will allow them to better sleep through the night.

More Even Temperature Maintenance

Most furnaces these days are designed to be more sensitive to changes in thermostat readings. They maintain the temperature of your home within a narrower range. In other words, you won't notice your home get much colder before your furnace kicks on to warm it up again. Not having those temperature swings can be really nice since it will mean fewer times shedding your outer layer and then bundling up again.

Fewer Odors

Does your current furnace release a dusty or burning-like odor when it kicks on in the fall? This happens a lot with older furnaces that have dust accumulation in the burning chamber and on the burner. This can be cleaned up, but if you're going to replace your furnace anyways, that's not really worth doing. Your new furnace will be really clean, and it should not release those unwanted odors as long as you have it cleaned and maintained regularly.

Hopefully, this information has given you something to ponder as you look into replacing your old furnace. These comfort and advantages generally make it worthwhile to get a new furnace before your current one fails. 

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