Call A Professional For Bat Removal So You Don't Violate Any Laws Or Harm Any Bats

Call A Professional For Bat Removal So You Don't Violate Any Laws Or Harm Any Bats

14 April 2023
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Bats are beneficial, and they can control mosquitoes and other bugs on your property, but you probably don't want them living in your attic. They may not bite or bother you unless you disturb them, but their droppings can spread diseases. Plus, they will make your home have a foul odor.

You should get bats out of your attic even if you like the idea of having bats around. However, bats are protected in many areas, so you'll need a professional to remove them in accordance with local laws. Here's a look at how bat removal is done.

Choose The Right Time Of Year

Bats are removed from your attic by a method called exclusion. This may be the only legal way to remove bats in your area. However, even exclusion may be prohibited during the summer when bats are likely to be giving birth and caring for their young.

Fall is often the best time to get rid of bats, but the work needs to be done while the night temperatures are still warm enough that the bats want to go outside of the attic. This is one reason you need a professional for bat removal. Choosing the right time and temperature conditions is an essential part of legal bat removal.

Install An Exclusion Device

Exclusion involves installing a device in the bats' entry hole that turns the hole into a one-way opening. Bats can fly out of the hole, but they can't get back inside with an exclusion device in place. This is one reason using the device is not permitted during maternity season, as the young bats left in the attic would die.

The exclusion device is left up for several days and then the hole is sealed permanently. This allows bats to leave your attic without being harmed and then eliminates their ability to get back inside. For this to work, all other holes in your roof and home have to be plugged too, or the bats could just come inside another way.

Sanitize The Attic

Some bat removal companies may also offer cleanup services that remove all the bat droppings and sanitize your attic. This is an important step that you'll want to have done, so if the bat removal company doesn't offer the service, hire another contractor to do it. It's best to let a professional clean up bat droppings so you don't expose yourself to diseases.

Catch And Release Individual Bats

If a few bats find their way into your living area, they can be caught individually and released outside. You need to be careful because bats are fragile creatures. If you don't feel comfortable dealing with the bats, let a professional catch them for you.

It's best to do this when the bat has landed so the bat doesn't get hurt. The bat removal professional may use a net, towel, or container and place it over the bat so it can be scooped up and released outside.

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