Information On Chimney Masonry Repairs

Information On Chimney Masonry Repairs

19 June 2023
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There can be several signs that indicate your chimney is in need of masonry repairs. It's important for you to spot these signs quickly since it's critical for you to have a properly functioning chimney. If you ignore issues, you can end up putting yourself and your family in dangerous situations. A couple of examples of these include having the house catch on fire or having toxic fumes gather in the home. You can learn about some signs that mean your chimney masonry needs repairing in this article, as well as some benefits of having the repairs done right away.  

Signs the chimney masonry needs repairs

Cracks or gaps

If you spot areas of the chimney that have cracks or gaps, then this indicates a need for repairs. Also, if you see signs of crumbling bricks or stones, this means the integrity of the chimney may be compromised and it should be fixed immediately. 

Staining or leaning

Stains on the interior walls around the chimney can indicate water is infiltrating the chimney and needs masonry repairs. A strong smell of smoke in the house is something else that needs to be checked right away. Additionally, a chimney that looks like it's starting to tilt may need major masonry and structural repairs. 

Benefits of prompt chimney repairs

Improve the safety of your home

One of your main concerns when it comes to your chimney is ensuring it's safe. You want it to be safe to use and durable, so it doesn't cause damage to other parts of your home. If you leave cracks or deterioration in the chimney, then embers can escape and start a fire. Other damages can also happen, including parts of the chimney falling and posing a safety risk.  

Improve the efficiency of the fireplace

When there is damage to the chimney masonry, it can negatively affect the airflow. This can significantly affect the efficiency of the fireplace. If you count on the fireplace to provide some of the heating for your home, then this can cause you to burn much more wood, increasing your heating cost. 

Protection against water damage

If there is damage to the chimney, including cracks, gaps, crumbling masonry, damaged flashing, and others, then this leaves the home susceptible to water damage. Water damage can cause problems with mold and also lead to the deterioration of parts of the home. 

Have a good-looking chimney

The chimney is usually a very visible element, and one that's taken care of properly can add to the look of the home. However, if you let some repair issues go ignored, it can cause the chimney to look dilapidated and detract from the home's curb appeal.

Contact a local chimney masonry repair service to learn more. 

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